Physical Education & Health Education

  • The Office of Physical Education & Health Education offers a variety of developmental and physical fitness skills to promote growth of the physical, mental, social, and emotional health of every student. We provide skill-based instruction and opportunities for students to develop into self-directed, self-reliant individuals who will be involved in physical activities and healthy behaviors promoting their safety and well-being for living a happy, productive life.


    1. All students will have the knowledge and skills to embrace a positive attitude associated with being physically fit and active throughout their lives.
    2. To prepare students with knowledge, health-related skills, and self-efficacy to excel in all community and world environments.
    3. To maximize student development by supporting the whole child when educating students.


    1. Students will learn, understand, reason, and communicate movement concepts relative to physical activities. 
    2. Students will develop personal, social, and emotional skills that contribute to successful participation in diverse settings.
    3. Students will develop and maintain a level of fitness essential for active living that minimizes the risk of disease and illness.
    4. Students will have the skills and knowledge to protect themselves in all aspects of life from risky behaviors.
    5. Students will develop competency in a variety of lifelong activities.

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