• In an effort to streamline the background clearance process and more efficiently manage volunteers, the District has moved to an online volunteer management system. The new system can be accessed here from any computer or smartphone.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • ‘LET’S READ!’
    Time Commitment – 1 hour Weekly 

    Let’s Read is a  community-based tutoring and reading enrichment program to support students and teachers in the classroom. Volunteer are trained and placed at local schools to read with children during the school day. Contact kenneth.chapman@detroitk12.org for more information. 

    Lunch Duty / Arrival and Dismissal
    Time Commitment – up to 5-hours per week

    Lunch duty / Arrival and dismissal assists during the busiest times of school giving you an opportunity to connect and converse with many students while helping maintain a positive culture and safety in and outside  the school free of altercations which can occur without more adult support. Contact kenneth.chapman@detroitk12.org for more information. 

    Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
    Time Commitment – 2-hour Monthly Meeting

    Join your school's PTA comprised of parents and teachers working together organizing fundraisers, events, and coordination of student support. Contact Charldine.bowens@detroitk12.org 

    School Advisory Council (SAC)
    Time Commitment – 2-hour Monthly Meeting

    SACs are constructed of 19 stakeholder groups all vested in the success of the school supporting the principal’s vision for student success. SAC members focus on chronic absenteeism and other student resources to eliminate student barriers. Contact Omar.proctor@detroitk12.org for more information. 

    Alumni Council
    Time Commitment – 2-hour Monthly Meeting

    The alumni council is composed of alumni members of all current and former DPS and DPSCD high schools focused on the continued connection between our alumnus and the current activity of students in our high schools. Contact joi.mausi@detroitk12.org for more information.   

    Gardening and School Beautification Projects
    Time Commitment – Project Based

    Work with your local school staff to identify, organize, and implement a beautification project through the farm-to-school program. Build school pride engaging students and the entire community.  Contact Mathew.hargis@detroitk12.org for more information.  

    Family Resource Distribution Center
    Time Commitment 2-hours Weekly

    Organize, deliver, and supply parent visitors with basic needs resources through the district's partnership with Amazon and Feed the Children donors. kenneth.chapman@detroitk12.org for more information.

Level 1 Volunteer

  • A Level 1 volunteer is one who has contact with students, within the presence of a District employee or is assigned duties that may not directly involve students. This level volunteer requires an Internet Criminal History Tool (ICHAT) and the Michigan State Police Sex Offender Registry check. 

Level 2 Volunteer

  • A Level 2 volunteer is one who has direct contact with students outside of the presence of a District employee or who is assigned duties such as: tutoring, overnight and out-of-state trip chaperone, coaching, or a long-term mentoring assignment. This level volunteer requires a Criminal Convictions/Background check and Fingerprinting. 

Contact Information