Technology Division

  • The Technology Division offers technological solutions that makes the District’s work more efficient, reliable and effective, and contributes to the Districts progress in all five strategic plan priority areas. The work of the Technology Division is to:

    • Establish and promote the use of standardized technology processes, procedures, and governance to ensure student and staff safety and to improve efficiency,
    • Identify and provide the infrastructure, devices, applications and support necessary for students and staff to leverage technology as a safe, reliable, and effective tool for learning and for managing business functions, 
    • Identify the technology knowledge and skills staff must have to be effective in their roles and offer an innovative, effective training program to support their learning, and
    • Offer front-line service to internal and external customers seeking information, support, services, or records from our District.

    The Technology Division is organized into four (4) departments, Technology InfrastructureInstructional SolutionsBusiness Solutions and Client Services, each charged with a set of essential functions.

    • Technology Infrastructure: Monitors and supports the network infrastructure, telecommunications and device interconnections to the Internet to ensure a fast, safe and reliable network for the District
    • Instructional Solutions: Training, support and development team for teachers and staff as it relates to technology specific training and development opportunities, technology integration efforts and instructional design
    • Business Solutions: Responsible for systems integration, application maintenance and support, business process development, project management and the extraction of meaning insights for District data as well as implementation of new business applications
    • Client Services: Provides technical support services for hardware, software and applications supported by the District, call center support by routing service requests and calls to business workstreams such as Human Resources, Finance/Payroll, Transportation and Exceptional Student Education, in addition overseeing asset deployment and inventory to managing and fulfilling student records requests

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