Community Use of Schools

  • Due to facility maintenance and repairs scheduled this summer (2019), some buildings will not be available for use. Please contact Helen Sidberry at and complete a community use form to inquire about building availability. 

    The Detroit Public School Community District Board encourages the use of school facilities during non-instructional hours for worthwhile purposes when such use will not interfere with school activities and is not dangerous or detrimental to the general welfare.  The Board believes that school facilities are an important resource in developing and sustaining lifelong learning, promoting intergovernmental cooperation, and encouraging citizen participation in community activities.

    When space is available at times that do not interfere with Detroit Community District Public Schools instructional programs; student activities; activities of school-related groups; DPSCD Adult Education classes; Detroit Public Schools Community District community members may reserve school facilities on a scheduled basis.

    All uses of facilities during non-instructional hours by District and other entities must be authorized by the Office of Community Use through the issuance of a Community Use permit. 

    No activity may take place in a District facility during non-instructional hours without the presence of a building custodian. 

    There is a fee for use and other requirements. The fees are established for each building to help defray the costs of using building facilities during non-instructional hours and preserve the educational budget.

    New Users - Getting Started

    If you have never used DPSCD facilities before, please see videos: Requesting Access to Community Use and/or Submitting Requests in Community Use

    Registered Users 

    Once you have registered and have been approved as an organization event coordinator (OEC) in the online reservation system, Community Use, you can request space for a DPSCD facility.  Please note: requests must be submitted at least four (4) weeks prior to the event date.  Once your schedule has been approved, the OEC cannot make any adjustments to the schedule, including cancellations. Please contact the Community Use school contact, if changes are necessary.  

Contact Information

  • Helen Sidberry
    Program Supervisor
    Support Services Complex, Building C
    1601 Farnsworth
    Detroit, MI 48211
    Office (313) 576-0950