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  • Board Meeting Changes/Updates

    The Regular Board Meetings for the Detroit Public Schools Community District Board of Education for the months of August and December dates have changed.  The time and locations remain the same.  The new date for the August meeting is Tuesday, August 20, 2019 and for December is Tuesday, December 17, 2019.  Please continue to check the District calendar as meetings are subject to change with proper notice.  

    Public Comment Policy Change

    The Board adopted a new policy for public Comment at the February 12, 2019 Regular Board Meeting that will take affect at the April 16, 2019 meeting.  Those wishing to address the Board during Public Comment must sign up for public comment at the registration table.  Each participant will receive a number that the chair will call for their turn to speak for public comment.   

    Detroit Public Schools Community District Board of Education

    Detroit Public Schools Community District welcomed its new board of education at a public swearing-in ceremony at Cass Technical High School on January 11, 2017. The ceremony officially ushered in the return of the school district to local control under the governance of the seven-member board. The purpose of the locally elected board is to serve as the governing body of the District and to provide public education services to children residing within the geographic boundaries of the City of Detroit. The Board is fundamentally a policy-making or legislative body rather than an administrative body. It is the responsibility of the Board to see that schools are operated properly, and not to administer them directly. Please reference the DPSCD Bylaws for more information about the Board located in the documents section on this page.

    Current Members of the Board are:

    • Dr. Iris Taylor, President (term ending 12/31/2020)
    • Angelique Peterson-Mayberry, Vice President (term ending 12/31/2022)
    • Misha Stallworth, Secretary (term ending 12/31/2020)
    • Sonya Mays, Treasury (term ending 12/31/2020)
    • Dr. Deborah Hunter-Harvill (term ending 12/31/2022)
    • Georgia Lemmons (term ending 12/31/2022)
    • Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn (term ending 12/31/2022)

    Board Committee Chair Appointments are:

    • Curriculum/Academics Committee – Angelique Peterson-Mayberry
    • Detroit Public Library Commission Appointee Committee - Dr. Deborah-Hunter-Harvill
    • Finance Committee – Sonya Mays
    • Policy Ad Hoc Committee - Misha Stallworth
    • Legislative Chair - Dr. Deborah Hunter-Harvill

    External Organization Representatives:

    • Detroit Public Schools Foundation - Angelique Peterson-Mayberry
    • Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) - Dr. Deborah Hunter-Harvill
    • DPSCD Board Representative for State Policy - Dr. Deborah Hunter-Harvill
    • Wayne County Association of School Boards (WCASB) - Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn 


    Members elected to the initial DPSCD Board (the “Initial Board”) shall be elected at the first November regular election date as established under section 641 of the Michigan election law, MCL 168.641, that occurs at least 90 days after July 1, 2016.

    The two members of this Initial Board receiving the highest vote totals in that election among the 7 members elected shall be elected for a term of 6 years, the 3 members of the Initial Board receiving the next highest vote totals in that election among the 7 members elected shall be elected for a term of 4 years, and the 2 members of the Initial Board receiving the lowest vote totals in that election among the 7 members elected shall be elected for a term of 2 years.

    Upon expiration of the terms of the Initial Board members, each member of the Board shall be elected at the November regular election date for a term of 4 years beginning on January 1 following the member’s election.

    The term of a member of the elected Board shall begin on January 1 following the member’s election and has duration as provided by law and continues until a successor is elected and qualified.

    Communicating with the Board

    The DPSCD Board hosts monthly board meeting and sub-committee meetings. In addition, the board hosts quarterly community meetings for the general public to learn about the latest news. Board Member Misha Stallworth also hosts a general public board training session each quarter to help individuals understand how a board functions and how to understand what goes on during board meetings. Please check the calendar for dates, locations and times. If you have any questions, please contact the Board Secretary, Karen Morgan at 313.873.7860.  If you require accessibility needs for meetings, please contact the Division of Operations at 313.873.6532 in advance of an upcoming meeting.


  • BoardDocs is the District’s cloud-based, board management system that provides access to all board agendas. It is home to a searchable online index of agendas, board packets, minutes and policies. Stay in touch with district policies and procedures, follow along during board meetings and navigate the District’s paperless school board system.

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