• Thank you for your interest in supporting the District through fundraising activities.

    Students, staff, parents and community members are welcome to sponsor fundraising activities in schools or within the District to support and promote the needs of specific initiatives. All fundraising guidelines must be followed. The District considers any activity aiming to solicit financial support or gather voluntary contributions of resources for a particular purpose or charity a fundraising activity.


    Fundraising Guidelines

    1. The school principal must approve all school-based fundraisers.
    2. The solicitations, collection of funds, and fundraising in private homes, offices or businesses of any kind shall not be permitted..
    3. No employee or member of a sponsoring organization shall directly or indirectly profit from the fundraising activity.
    4. Fundraisers must be held before or after school, or on the weekends with prior approval from the principal. 


    Forms and Procedures

    1. All funds must be deposited in the school’s checking account and appropriate bookkeeping measures must be taken to record the source and expenditures of the funds.
    2.  The Fundraising Activity Request form must be signed by the school principal and submitted to their Principal Leader for approval. The form will then be submitted to Cash Management for review and approval. Cash Management will send approval to the principal in writing. Please note: no fundraising activities may be held without written approval from Cash Management.
    3. Within 5 days of completing the approved fundraiser, the Fundraising Activity Profit and Loss Statement Form must be submitted to the Office of Fundraising. The Profit and Loss Statement must include an accurate report regarding the funds raised and signatures from both the fundraising coordinator and the principal. 
    4. Fundraising Activity Request and Profit and Loss Statements must be kept on file at the school and forwarded to Cash Management. 

    Note: Failure to adhere to the timely submission of documents may jeopardize the ability to hold fundraisers. 

Contact Information

  • Michelle Betts

    Assistant Director of Treasury

    11th Floor Fisher Building
    3011 W. Grand Blvd.
    Detroit, MI 48202
    Office: (313) 873-6898