Internal Audit Department

  • Mission Statement

    The Internal Audit Department is an independent function that provides assessment and consulting services to improve District Operations. The Internal Audit Department supports DPSCD in accomplishing its objectives by using a systematic, disciplined approach to elevate and improve the effectiveness of internal controls and safeguards.

    Goals and Strateiges

    To accomplish our mission, Internal Audit has established the following goals and strategies:

    • Develop and maintain a state-of-the-art audit framework which assures audit effectiveness
    • Support major District systems development and improvement initiatives
    • Development of an Annual Audit Plan
    • Develop a schedule to meet the Operating Audit Plan
    • Perform scheduled audits
    • Report audit results to senior management
    • Perform follow-up reviews of audit recommendations

Contact Us

  • James Merkison
    Senior Auditor

    Office of Internal Audit
    Fisher Building
    11th Floor
    3011 West Grand Blvd.
    Detroit, MI 48202