Risk Management

  • The Risk Management department is responsible for protecting the assets and resources of the District from financial and physical losses. We are further committed to providing a safer workplace for its employees and safer premises/operations for its students and visitors. We will deliver these services in the most efficient and professional manner possible at all times.

    Workers’ Compensation

    Workers’ Compensation is responsible for the administration of all employee occupational injury claims. The primary goal of this unit is to coordinate any injured employee’s receipt of appropriate medical care and income benefits in compliance with the Workers Compensation Act of the State of Michigan.

    • Claims reporting and processing
    • Vendor relations
    • Occupational Clinic services
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Dispute resolution
    • Return to Work programs


    Safety & Loss Control

    Safety and Loss Control is responsible for the development and maintenance of all personal safety related programs throughout the District. The primary goal of this unit is to eliminate or reduce exposures that may potentially harm our students, employees and visitors.

    • Safety inspections
    • Accident investigations
    • Safety policies and procedures
    • Emergency preparedness
    • Safety training
    • MIOSHA compliance
    • Hazard Communication Program
    • Cardiac Emergency Response Plan


    Property & Liability

    Property and Liability is primarily responsible for the development and maintenance of all related self-funded and insured programs to financially protect our buildings, furnishings, supplies, vehicles and equipment. They also provide programs to fund the potential legal liability of the District and its employees.

    • Acquiring insurance coverage
    • Self-funded programs
    • Maintaining building/contents
    • Claims reporting
    • Damage claim payments
    • Vehicle schedules
    • Driver listings/driving records
    • Risk reduction assistance


    Risk Contract Compliance

    Risk Contract Compliance is responsible for ensuring that all contractors, suppliers or consultants who have vendor contracts with Detroit Public Schools provide and maintain adequate insurance coverage for the financial protection of the District at all times during the term of their contracts or agreements.

    • Liaison between the Dept. of Contract & Procurement and Office of General Counsel to resolve contractual risk transfer issues
    • Provides, acquires, reviews, and authorizes insurance coverage related to all vendor contracts
    • Processes and maintains all Certificates of Insurance for lease, service and/or rental agreements

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