Professional Development

  • The Division of Professional Growth supports achievement of all students by providing effective professional learning opportunities that increase the effectiveness of instructional and non-instructional staff. We aim to achieve this with the following:

    • To offer valuable, impactful, and relevant adult learning experiences that are aligned with Professional Learning Standards and result in improved student achievement.
    • To develop the skills of the District’s PD providers and facilitators to engage in a continuous cycle of improvement to plan, implement, and evaluate professional learning.
    • To collaborate with all District departments to provide a cohesive circle of support for school administrators and teachers to improve student achievement.
    • To provide efficient and effective systems that support all employees in the pursuit of professional growth, creating a culture of continuous, lifelong learning.
    • To support Professional Learning Communities with the resources, tools, and skills they need to authentically and effectively improve student achievement.
    • To ensure effective evaluation that allows PD providers to measure and monitor the quality and fidelity of implementation, changes in teacher practice, and student outcomes.

Workshop Registration Guidelines

    • All participants should pre-register at least 48 hours prior to the offering.
    • You must arrive on time. Participants who arrive after the start time may not receive SCECHs.
    • All registrations must be done online at Frontline.
    • You will receive an email confirmation once you have registered—please bring the confirmation with you when you attend your registered workshop.
    • If you become aware that you are unable to attend, please unregister at the Frontline website.

Contact Information