On the Rise Academy: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Eligibility, Application Process, and Cost 

    Who is eligible for the On the Rise Academy?  

    On the Rise Academy offers two different routes to teacher certification: 

    • Fellows: This route is for aspiring teachers who currently hold a BA with a minimum G.P.A. of 2.95, seeking initial teacher certification 
    • Continuing Teachers: This route is for certified teachers who are seeking an additional endorsement in Exceptional Student Education (Cognitive Impairment), Secondary Mathematics, Secondary Integrated Science.

    Are non-employees eligible to apply? 

     Yes, but the District’s primary goal is to develop current employees. 

    What is the cost to participants? 

    There will be no costs to apply or enroll in the program. Tuition will be $5,000 for Fellows and $6,000 for Continuing Teachers, however, candidates who commit to teaching in DPSCD beyond the completion of the program will have the opportunity to have tuition forgiven and complete On the Rise Academy for free. 

    I am currently enrolled in another Michigan Department of Education (MDE) approved Alternative Route to Certification Program, am I able to transfer to DPSCD’s On the Rise Academy? 

    Transfer candidates will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may be eligible for On the Rise Academy. If you are interested in being considered for transfer from another program, please email info.otr@detroitk12.org before applying. 

    Selection Process 

    How are participants selected into the program? 

    The rigorous, multi-phase selection process includes a three-stage selection day consisting of an MTTC readiness test, panel interview, and demonstration lesson. Fellows must complete required Admissions Coursework and pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) by the indicated deadlines.  

    Are DPSCD employees guaranteed admission into the program? 

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept all applicants. While we are focused on selecting current employees, admission is not guaranteed. 

    Training and Coaching 

    How will DPSCD support candidates in passing the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC)? 

    The District is providing access to online preparation materials, including an e-library that includes practice tests and flashcards through Mometrix's (MDE's recommended vendor for MTTC preparation). The e-library can be accessed through the "Mometrix E-library" quick link found here. Once admitted and enrolled into the program, participants will have access to additional resources including live test-taking workshops to help participants understand the test format and general test taking strategies, weekly small group study sessions, and content-specific workshops.  

    How will participants be trained, coached, and mentored?  

    On the Rise Academy uses a practice-based model of teacher preparation that immerses participants in authentic-field based experiences to support rapid learning and development. Participants will receive 1:1 and small group coaching that is differentiated to meet participants’ needs. Refer to this page for a detailed overview of our training model, including required coursework and field experiences for Fellows and Continuing Teachers. 

    What are the time commitments for Fellows during Pre-Service Institute? 

    Pre-Service Institute starts in June 2024. A detailed schedule will be provided to participants by late May. Fellows should plan on attending face to face skill building sessions and field experiences daily from approximately 8:00am to 4:30pm, with designated time for lunch.  

    Will Fellows be paid during Pre-Service Institute? 

    Yes, Fellows will be paid during training at a rate of $23.19/hour and will be eligible for benefits during Institute. Fellows who pass the MTTC, complete all required Institute coursework, and pass the Institute performance screen will be recommended for the Interim Teaching Certificate through MDE and promoted to a contract teaching position for the 2024-2025 school year where they will earn the new starting salary for certified teachers of $51,071 


    What certificate(s) can participants earn? 

    Fellows will earn the Interim Teaching Certificate after passing the Institute performance screen. They will earn the Standard Teaching Certificate after completing certification coursework and successfully teaching for three years. 

    What content areas can participants earn certification in? 

    Fellows can earn Michigan certification in Lower Elementary (ZO), Upper Elementary (ZP), Integrated Science (DI), Mathematics (EX), with an option to add a Cognitive Impairment (SA) endorsement. Continuing Teachers can earn endorsements in Cognitive Impairment (SA), Integrated Science (DI), Mathematics (EX). We may consider adding additional certification areas in future years, dependent on our teacher pipeline needs.  


    Will participants be eligible for hire at all DPSCD schools? 

    Participants will be eligible for hire at a subset of schools to ensure we can provide intense supports to participants and host schools. We will likely expand the number of eligible schools in future years.  

    Are Fellows guaranteed a teaching job? 

    All Fellows who pass Institute will be offered a teaching position for the 2024-2025 school year.  

    Once hired as teachers, are participants required to remain at DPSCD for a certain number of years? 

    Participants must remain at DPSCD for a minimum of three years and meet all program requirements to be recommended for the Standard Teaching Certificate. Participants must remain employed at DPSCD for at least three additional years beyond the three required for the Standard Teaching Certificate (for a total of six years) as a contract teacher in their certification area to have all program tuition forgiven. Participants will not be required to pay any costs up front. 

    For any other questions please contact our Talent Pipelines team via email at info.otr@detroitk12.org