Onboarding (LiveScan)

  • The Criminal Convictions/Background & Live Scan Unit (CCBLU) is a Michigan State Police (MSP) approved vendor authorized to provide Live Scans (fingerprints) for statewide school employment and volunteer candidates. The CCBLU has the responsibility of oversight, screening, and vetting all employees, contractors, partners, and volunteers assigned to work in the DPSCD schools or central offices, in accordance with all local, state, federal laws, and policies of the Board of Education for the Detroit Public Schools Community District.

    All persons requesting employment with the DPSCD, regardless of whether the individual will work directly for the District, or be contracted through a third-party vendor, management company, or Private Contractor, shall submit to a fingerprint-based criminal background check, using the following Michigan State Police (MSP) forms: Live Scan Fingerprint Background Check Request (RI-030), and the Michigan Waiver Agreement and Statement for Schools (RI-088A).

    Potential employees must complete the Human Resource process PRIOR to scheduling an appointment for Live Scan.

    The DPSCD True ID Badges are issued to all district employees, contractors, coaches, interns, and volunteers. True ID Badges indicate that the holder is fully vetted and approved to work in and on DPSCD properties.