Employment/Income Verification

  • The District now uses Verifent, an employment and income verification service to provide proof of your employment and income to third party lenders and government agencies. Using Verifent allows us to respond to verification requests securely, in a timely manner, and transparently to you, ensuring your life events (loans, financing, benefits, etc.) are not held up.  

    District employees cannot request their own employment or income verification for third party lenders, government and/or insurance agencies (except as noted below). If you need to provide proof of your employment, direct your verifier to www.verifent.com. They are the ones that will need to make the verification request. In order for them to make the request, you’ll need to provide them with your first and last name, date-of-birth, last four of your Social Security Number and the District's organization code: C3EAD6. NO FURTHER ACTION IS NEEDED FROM YOU.

    You will now have the ability to view completed verifications that we have responded to on your behalf in a self-service manner. 

    To view your completed verifications provided to verifiers (lenders, apartment complexes, government agencies, etc…), please visit www.verifent.com, click on the ‘Let’s Get Started Now’ button, click on ‘Employees,’ scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘View My Completed Verifications.’ Enter the information that is requested. Once inside the Employee Portal you can view the verifications that we have responded to on your behalf. 

    If you have questions about a request submitted to Verifent, you can speak to a Verifent representative by calling 1-833-786-7339. 

    While most verifications can now be handled through Verifent, the Office of Human Resources will continue to process some requests directly.  The requests checked as Office of Human Resources below must be submitted to the dps.employmentverification@detroitk12.org email address or faxed to 313-748-6115 and must include a signed authorization form. (Employment Verification Authorization Request Form & Verification Turnaround Times)

    Verification Chart

    If you have any questions regarding the above internal requests, don’t hesitate to contact HR at dps.employmentverification@detroitk12.org

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