• Volunteer and Agreement Requirements

    If you are interested in volunteering at one of our schools or entering into an agreement with the District, please review our Background Clearance Guidance document which outlines the requirements for persons seeking to enter into an agreement with, work at, volunteer in, or visit a Detroit Public Schools Community District school building or facility. 


    The Department of Partnerships collaborates with District staff, industry partners, community members, and families to help support exceptional learning environments for every child, every day. Our team is committed to closing the gap and providing services in three targeted areas that support the District's strategic vision: Partnerships, Grants, and Donations. We look forward to working with you to secure resources, foster connections, provide training, and advance educational outcomes for all our students.



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    Request Support

    The Detroit Public Schools Community District is proud to partner with the Quicken Loans Community Fund to support critical education initiatives that prepare Detroit students and educators for successful careers. If you would like to request volunteer support or in-kind donations (such as event space, technology or SWAG items) from the Quicken Loans Community Fund, please first complete this survey to ensure the request is aligned with our broader partnership goals.

Working with Partners During the District's Reopening Plan

  • Detroit Public Schools Community District students are fortunate to be supported by many partner organizations. As the district prepares to reopen this fall, there are many questions about how these valued partners can continue to provide their services while keeping students and staff safe and healthy. Below are answers to the most common questions that the district has received from principals and partners.

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