Charter Applications

  • Detroit Public Schools Community District is not accepting charter applications at this time.


    For future reference, the DPSCD Charter School Application Review and Decision Process is as follows:

    The Application Review Process may include an initial screening of applications, a qualitative review of applications by a review panel with members selected for their expert knowledge in related fields, and interviews with potential applicants.  Based on the information generated by these review activities, the District may choose one of three possible outcomes at the conclusion of the review: denial, full approval, or approval with conditions.

     Initial Screening

    • Applications must be submitted electronically by the application deadline.
    • Each application received by the application deadline will be screened by staff to determine that it contains all the information required by law and requested in the application.


    Interviews with Applicant Team

    • Following the technical review of applications, a structured interview may be held with representatives of each applicant group if all requirements in the initial screening are met.
    • The purpose of the interviews is to:
    • Clarify information already provided;
    • Seek missing information;
    • Probe for greater understanding of the interrelationships and coherence of various components of the applicant’s plan; and
    • Assess the capacity of the applicant group to create and successfully operate the proposed charter school.
    • Interview teams will consist of a minimum of two members of the technical review panel and one staff member. 
    • Applicants will be invited to be represented in the interview by planning team members who will be in the best position to answer questions related to the educational program, business and financial management, governance, assessment, and accountability, and the vision and coherence of the overall plan for a charter school.
    • Information acquired through the interview may be considered by members of the review team as they make their final decision.

    District Decisions Following the Review

    Decisions at the conclusion of the review will be made by the District drawing upon the following evaluative information [Factors that will be considered by the District]:

    • Ratings submitted by individual reviewers;
    • Written comments of individual reviewers;
    • Summary reports of review panel recommendations, including statements of any conditions that must be met for full approval;
    • Summary reports of Charter School Monitoring staff recommendations, including statements of any conditions that must be met for full approval;
    • Information gathered during interviews with applicants;

    Decision to Fully Approve, Approve with Conditions, or Deny an Application

    Following the review, the District may decide to fully approve, approve with conditions, or deny an application.

     Full Approval

    When the District fully approves an application for a charter, negotiations on the terms of the charter may begin.  Once the charter is executed and all requirements have been satisfied, the new public charter school academy may begin operation under the terms contained in the charter contract.

     Approval with Conditions

    When the District approves an application with conditions, the applicant must address certain conditions before full approval is granted.  The applicant will receive a written statement specifying the conditions that must be met for full approval.  No further review of the application is required.


    When the District denies an applicant’s request for a charter contract, consideration of the application will cease, and the applicant will receive reasons for the denial.


    Standards for Full and Conditional Approval

    The District will take into consideration the following standards in judging the difference between an application that merits full approval and one that merits conditional approval.

     Full Approval may be granted to an application that:

    • holds exceptional promise;
    • receives high reviewer ratings;
    • fully meets all “make or break” requirements; and is ready immediately to gear up to offer instructional services

    Conditional Approval may be granted to an application that:

    • receives high reviewer ratings
    • meets most “make or break” requirements and has an acceptable timeline for meeting others in time for approval in the current cycle;
    • holds exceptional promise, provided specified conditions are met; and
    • is judged to have the capacity to satisfy the specified conditions in time for full approval in the current cycle.



    1.  School Design and Educational Program

    2.  Governance and Leadership

    3.  Community and Parental Involvement

    4.  Recruiting, Admissions, Marketing

    5.  Faculty and Staff

    6.  Curriculum

    7.  Accountability and Assessment

    8.  Operations and Facilities

    9. Special Education

    10.  Business and Financial Operations



Contact Information

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    Dr. Jendayi Gardner
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