Immunization Information

  • Parents are responsible for taking children to a health care provider to get their immunizations up to date for enrollment into Detroit Public Schools.  To see what immunizations are required for your child, review the applicable charts below which cover the following categories:

    Vaccine-preventable disease continues to occur in Michigan causing illness. Immunizations are one of the most effective measures in protecting children from harmful diseases and death. To prevent outbreaks from occurring in school settings and other places where children congregate, a high percentage of children must be immunized.  The Michigan Public Health Code requires all children who attend school in Michigan to have an up-to-date immunization history or a valid waiver on file per Administrative Rules. Michigan law also requires that each student possess a certificate of immunization at the time of registration or no later than the first day of school for entry into kindergarten, 7th grade, or into a new school district involving grades 1-12.

    Parents or guardians are required to produce documentation confirming their child has received all required immunizations, or in the alternative, their child received at least one dose of each of the required immunizations and is awaiting receipt of subsequent doses to be administered at appropriate intervals.

    For immunization information, parents may contact:

    • Their health care provider.
    • The local health department (313) 410-8142.
    • The Detroit Public Schools Community District Office of Health and Wellness (313) 873-7494. 

Immunization Waiver

  • There are three circumstances in which a required vaccine may be waived or delayed:

    1. Provisional Status: The child has received at least one dose of required vaccine(s) and the next dose(s) are not yet due.
    2. The child has a medical contraindication to a vaccine, in this case a Medical Contraindication Form is required to be completed and signed by the child's primary care physician. The form shall state the medical contraindication(s), the vaccine(s) involved, and the time period during which the child is precluded from receiving the vaccine(s).
    3. A parent or guardian holds a religious or philosophical ("other") belief that precludes receipt of vaccination(s). These are nonmedical exemptions and require certification at the local health department (LHD).

    To receive a Nonmedical Waiver Form, parent(s)/guardian(s) are required to receive education on the benefits of vaccination and the risks of disease from a Michigan local health department where staff shall address concerns and answer questions.

Contact Information

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    Denise Cade, RN, DNP, MSN-ed

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