Michigan College Month

  • October is Michigan College Month & Financial Aid Kick-Off

    Michigan College Month is a part of a national initiative with the goal of providing every graduating high school senior the opportunity to apply to college and for financial aid. 

    For more info visit: https://micollegeaccess.org/initiatives/cbmi/college-month

    During the month of October, the following activities will occur at every DPSCD high school:

    • Seniors will complete at least one college/post-secondary program application
    • Seniors will register for their FAFSA Pin.
    • Seniors will apply for the Detroit Promise Scholarship
    • Informational sessions with college admissions reps
    • College Visits
    • Financial Aid Nights (information sessions for students & parents) 
    • Financial Aid Workshops (opportunities for parents to complete their FAFSA)
    • School-wide college awareness activities