Social Studies

  • Through highly supported teachers, inclusive instructional materials, and diverse opportunities for learning, we strive to develop civically engaged students who find empowerment in their identity, feel prepared and compelled to be engaged citizens, consume information with a critical lens, and understand and appreciate the perspectives and experiences of others.

    Curriculum Overview 

    Our Social Studies curriculum is aligned with the Michigan State Standards. As called for by the standards in the primary grades, the curriculum begins introducing students to disciplines of social studies such as geography, economics, history, civics, and government through familiar, age-appropriate concepts. Concepts become increasingly more complex as students matriculate. In grades five through eight, our courses emphasize the national geography and history standards. These courses incorporate civics and economics standards and build general social studies knowledge, processes, and skills. As a result, the courses form the foundation for high school social studies instruction. Upon entering high school, students across the district take state required courses in the various disciplines. Our courses are designed to provide students with the skills and disciplinary knowledge necessary to thrive in our city, nation, and the world.  

    Michigan Content Expectations for Social Studies

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