Our Initiatives

    • The Social Studies Culturally Relevant Curriculum Taskforce initiative exemplifies the commitment to the District’s core values. While the District has adopted high-quality instructional materials, feedback from educators and internal analysis of curriculum materials reveal that there are opportunities to address gaps that exist through supplemental texts, lessons, and educational guidance to enhance the cultural relevancy of the District’s current curriculum.

    • The Office of Multilingual Education Newcomer Program Initiative supplies educational and social support to all newcomer families that responds to the holistic needs of these students. This program affirms the ethnic, linguistic, and cultural identities of the students it serves and partners with families to ensure their students' academic success.  

    • The Michigan Seal of Biliteracy (MI-SoBL) was created to recognize high school graduates who exhibit language proficiency in English and at least one additional world language. The Seal provides employers with a way to identify individuals with strong language and biliteracy skills. The Seal may also serve as an additional tool for colleges and universities to recognize applicants' language abilities for admission and placement.