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  • Dear DPSCD Montessori Families,
    Detroit Public Schools Community District values your voice in your children's educational experiences. Families play an integral role in the academic, social, and emotional growth of their children. The District is in the process of developing a Montessori Program Review Committee that will include leaders, teachers, families and community members. This committee will offer thoughtful and reflective feedback regarding programming, materials, experiences etc. regarding the Montessori Program. Please click on the link below to complete the survey:

      DPSCD Montessori Program Review Committee

    Detroit Public Montessori Community Meetings

    Montessori education supports children in choosing meaningful and challenging work that captures their interests, leading to engagement, intrinsic motivation, sustained attention and a sense of responsibility to oneself and others.  To cultivate this type of environment we embrace a community spirit.  Parents of our Montessori program have formed a community group that meets regularly to stay informed, fellowship and advocate for Montessori education in the District.   We welcome all members of the DPSCD learning community to attend these meetings.  They are an excellent way to connect and stay informed. 

    The community meetings embrace and model the spirit of grace and courtesy.  In Montessori classrooms, children are formally instructed in social skills they will use throughout their lives, for example, saying “please” and “thank you,” interrupting conversations politely, requesting rather than demanding assistance, and greeting guests warmly!

    Please click on the link below to access the Detroit Public Montessori Community Meeting Schedule:


    Detroit Public Montessori Community Meeting Schedule

    *The next virtual DPM community meeting will take place on

    January 31, 2022

    Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm

    Topics: Community Conversations

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    Dr. Maria Montessori introduced many new terms and concepts to describe how children grow and learn. These terms are still widely in use today in the Montessori Community. As an adult learner, you may encounter these terms as you learn about the Montessori Method of teaching and learning.

    Montessori Terminology:


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