Physical Education & Health Education

  • The Office of Physical Education & Health Education offers several developmental and physical fitness opportunities to promote growth in the physical, mental, social, and emotional health of every student. With a focus on skills-based instruction, we emphasize supporting the whole child, so students develop into self-directed, self-reliant individuals. ​​​​Students involved in physical activities and healthy behaviors develop into adults that make healthy choices in promotion of their safety and well-being for a happy and productive life.​​​​​​​

Physical Education

  • Our Mission – Foster self-esteem in athletics by exposing students to a variety of physical activities that enable them to stay physically fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Our Vision – Students are empowered to value, understand, and practice a variety of physical activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Using the “mirror and window” approach, the Office of Physical Education provides a comprehensive Physical Education program with well-planned learning experiences to meet the current and projected needs of our students. This program starts with clearly identified goals defining priorities, direction, and desired student outcomes. It is designed with physical, social, and cognitive student growth in mind, focusing on the development of motor skills, muscular strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility, individual sports, and team sports. Students involved in physical activities develop creative thinking, problem-solving, and social-behavioral skills.

    We target these benchmarks in grades K–2 through fundamental skill building, grades 3–5 with skill building and lead-up games, grades 6–8 with skill building and organized games, and in high school with participation in physical activities. Developing fundamental physical skills in students from an early age fosters self-esteem and encourages lifelong participation in physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Health Education

  • Our Mission Educate students on making healthy decisions, taking charge of their health, and accessing health resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Our Vision Students consciously implement healthy practices in their lives and advocate for a healthy lifestyle by using logic, science, and history. 

    The Office of Health Education provides a comprehensive Health Education program with learning experiences to meet current and projected needs of students. This program starts with clearly specified goals defining priorities, direction, and desired student outcomes. It advances student ability to interpret and apply health info and services to protect and promote personal, family, and community health. The curriculum focuses on mental/emotional, physical, and social health as students participate in activities that develop healthy behaviors, decision-making skills, and social skills.

    Health Education serves as a unique purpose in providing students with the knowledge and skills to live a healthy lifestyle. Grade K–5 students are introduced and acclimated to health skills, grade 6–8 students focus on health skill application, and high school students are encouraged to become advocates of a healthy lifestyle. Our health program simulates real-life situations, so students develop attitudes and skills necessary for informed decision making, health-related problem solving, and to become healthy and ethical citizens.

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