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    Rationale for Reading

    "Reading is the gateway skill, it is the new civil right. Because children/people cannot access their other rights unless they can read well and strategically. In fact, good readers support our democracy, because it allows readers to interact with texts and make decisions that affect their lives. It is truly the most important thing that we do." –Phyllis C. Hunter

    Reading is a civil right and it is a foundation for success in life.  

    It is a part of our responsibility as educators to set the conditions for students to thoroughly enjoy the reading experience and understand its value and purpose in life. According to the District’s priorities identified in our Strategic Plan, outstanding achievement is at the top of the list. Building a culture of literacy in our schools, community and district that develops avid readers will dramatically increase students’ academic achievement and equip them with the tools necessary to pursue successful, prosperous lives.  

    Rise Up, Read More is designed to get students to read more. The research on reading is clear: reading more is scientifically proven to improve a readers' reading comprehension, verbal fluency, and general knowledge.  Additionally, individuals who read communicate better, are more knowledgeable, more successful, and earn more than those who do not.

    How will the District support independent reading?

    • Through opportunities for accountable independent reading provided within our daily core curriculum programs  
    • Through our districtwide independent reading challenge during the school year called the “Rise Up, Read More”  
    • Through a variety of partnership programs with local and national partners
    • Through Semester Reading Celebrations and school-based community events
    • Through partnering with the community in our Let’s Read Community Reading Program
  • Rise Up, Read More! A District Wide Competition for All Students, K-12, to Practice and Enjoy Reading! 

    The District is sponsoring a “Rise Up, Read More Challenge” that will culminate with end of semester celebrations. The competition will be across principal leaders’ cohorts. There will be three separate reading challenges, K–5,6–8, and 9–12.The school(s) from each cohort that reads the most books (proportional to their overall enrollment) at the end of each challenge round, will receive a prize for the entire school! 

    • Cohort 1: 2 winners (K–5 and 6–8)  
    • Cohort 2: 2 winners (K–5 and 6–8) 
    • Cohort 3: 2 Winners (9–12)   
    • Cohort 4: 2 winners (K–5 and 6–8)  

    See an example below of how the District will determine winners based on enrollment. Based on this example, School B would be the winner.

    School A 

    School B 

    Total # of books read: 300 books 

    Total enrollment: 2,000 students 

    Total (proportional to enrollment): 300/2000= .15 

    Total # of books read: 170 books 

    Total enrollment: 900 students 

    Total (proportional to enrollment) 170/900=.18 

    Please contact Choya Stovall, Program Supervisor in the Department of Literacy for more information on Rise UpRead More!  

  • Get Started Today!

    1. Sign up students using the directions for your grade level: 
      K–5 Grade
      6–12 Grade

    2. Start logging reading minutes. Minutes can be logged while reading or after.
      For K–5: Teachers log minutes after registering classes using the same link used to register students. Minutes are logged for the whole class, not for individual students.

      For 6–12: Students register themselves for the challenge during ELA class using the same link. Students log their reading minutes daily.

    3. Watch a book talk. Our friends at the Detroit Public Library have created a series of book talks with suggestions on book choices. 
      Watch the playlist below and get inspired!

    4. ​​​​​​​Students or classes create their own book talk videos and #RiseUpReadMore! 
      Students harness their creativity to record a book talk on their laptop or phone and send it to Choya Stovall by January 13, 2022. All entries receive a contest badge and the best videos will receive prizes and be shared on the Rise Up, Read More page! ​​​​​​​