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    Rationale for Reading

    Building a culture of literacy requires that students engage in meaningful text beyond classroom instruction and homework. School districts should set the conditions for students to thoroughly enjoy the reading experience and understand its value and purpose in life. Reading should be seen as an opportunity, rather than a burden. Research has firmly established the correlation between time spent reading and quality of life. High levels of leisure reading and reading proficiency are associated with greater academic, financial, professional, and civic benefits (National Endowment for the Arts, 2007).

    According to the District’s priorities in the Blueprint 2020, outstanding achievement is at the top of list. Building a culture of literacy in our district that develops avid readers, both in and out of the classroom, will dramatically increase students’ academic achievement and equip them with the tools necessary to live a successful and prosperous life

    How will the district support independent reading?

    To build this culture of literacy, reading needs to be reinforced and supported throughout multiple levels of a student’s life. Simply providing a student with a book to read at home without building their reading confidence and endurance will have limited impact. Similarly, reading complex texts with students strictly in the classroom environment will not encourage them to sustain these practices at home. A comprehensive plan needs to be developed that attempts to infuse reading in all aspects of a student’s life, thus helping them see the expansive benefits of reading. This independent reading plan is broken down into two parts.  The first outlines a districtwide independent reading challenge during the school year called the “Rise Up, Read More Challenge.” The second provides ideas for ongoing support (reading competitions, strategies, etc.) in the school, classroom, and at home to encourage students to build a love for literacy.

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  • Rise Up, Read More! A District Wide Competition for All Students, K-12, to Practice Literacy Every Day! 


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    Part 2: Reinforcing Reading

    School Leaders, Master Teachers, Deans of Culture, Guidance Counselors and Families will work together to lead an effort to build a culture of literacy in each building and with each student. There are many  ways this can be accomplished in schools through school wide, class wide, grade level, individual and extra-curricular teams competitions that support increased participation of each student in the District to Rise Up and Read More! Schools will want to get the community involved by engaging philanthropic or faith based partners to support rewards and incentives.

    Here are some snapshots from Academy of Americas, Henry Ford, Bagley and Sampson Webber, where students demonstrated the power of Rise Up, Read More!

    Rise Up AOA Rise Up HF Rise Up Bagley Rise Up Sampson Webber


    Email Vonetta Clark-Tooles of the Office of Literacy for more information on Rise Up, Read More!