• The DPSCD Office of Athletics is the administration for K-12 athletic competition within the Detroit Public School League (DPSL). The Office of Athletics oversees budgeting, scheduling, athletic coordinators, coaches, officials and professional development for twenty (20) high schools and newly expanded K-8 sports program for seventy-two (72) elementary/middle schools.  A major role of the Office of Athletics is to ensure that all DPSL schools, coaches, and teams adhere to the policies and procedures of the district and the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA).

    The Office of Athletics and Health Education is to provide opportunities for scholar-athletes to develop their athletic talents, promote leadership and team-building skills, practice good sportsmanship, maintain an academic focus that improves attendance, improves social-skills and maximizes their preparedness for higher-education opportunities.

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    K-8 Athletics

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Contact Information

  • James Alexander
    Executive Director 
    9th Floor Fisher Building
    3011 West Grand Boulevard
    Detroit, MI 48202

    Phone: 313-870-3782
    Fax Server: 313-873-5134

    Anika McEvans
    Program Supervisor, K-8 Athletics 
    Phone: (313) 873-8585
    Fax Server: (313) 873-513

    Willie Burton
    Program Associate, 9-12 Athletics
    Phone: (313) 870-5863
    Fax Server: (313) 873-5134

    Erika Bray
    Business Services Specialist-Technical Level III
    Phone: (313) 873-7910
    Fax Server: (313) 873-5134