Athletics Announcements

  • 2022 Boys & Girls Basketball PSL Championships - Replays


  • The DPSCD Office of Athletics administers K-12 athletic competitions within the Detroit Public School League (DPSL). The Office of Athletics oversees budgeting, scheduling, athletic coordinators, coaches, officials, and professional development for twenty (20) high schools and newly expanded K-8 sports programs for seventy-two (72) elementary/middle schools.  A major role of the Office of Athletics is to ensure that all DPSL schools, coaches, and teams adhere to the policies and procedures of the district and the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA).

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Watch the Cass/King Game

  • Detroit Martin Luther King 28 - Detroit Cass Tech 23
    SEPTEMBER 16, 2022 @ Cass Tech High School Detroit Martin Luther King: 28 Detroit Cass Tech: 23 In a game that featured some of the best high school football talent in Michigan and the Midwest, heated rivals Detroit King and Cass Tech met in downtown Detroit. Watch on YouTube