Student-Athlete Eligibility

  • The Detroit Public Schools Community District Eligibility is governed by the policies of the Detroit Board of Education as well as the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA).  Eligibility guidelines are set by the MHSAA and adopted by member schools.  Schools may set their own policies regarding athletics, but local standards may not be more lenient than those set by the governing body. 

    Administration of DPSCD Eligibility Rules & Regulations

    The current DPSCD Eligibility Rules and Regulations became effective by action of the DPSCD Administration on February 15, 2019, and remain in effect. The High School Principal will ensure the coach of each sport properly interprets and administrates the DPSCD and MHSAA rules of eligibility.

    Athletic Testing

    All student-athletes must test weekly, at their school, or the LynxDx site at Renaissance HS to participate in athletic events.

    Master Eligibility List

    All high school Principals must sign a Master Eligibility List certifying student-athlete eligibility for each sport.  Schools not submitting forms on time will not be allowed to participate in PSL contests.


    He/she must be in regular attendance the day of the athletic practice or contest during the week and must be in attendance on Friday to participate in weekend contest. A student on outside suspension shall be ineligible from the time of the infraction until the time of reinstatement.


    Students must have enrolled in school prior to the fourth Friday after Labor Day (1st half of school year) or fourth Friday of February (2nd half of school year).  A student must be enrolled in the school for which he/she competes. 


    A student becomes ineligible for high school athletics if they are 19 years old before September 1st of the current school year.  Middle school students must meet the following age limits to compete on middle school teams:  7th grade team – not 14 years old prior to September 1st, 8th or 7-8th grade combined teams – not 15 years old prior to September 1st

    Physical Examination/Disclosure

    Students must have on file a MHSAA Physical Card and Medical History Form signed by a medical professional (M.D., D.O., or Physician’s Assistant) and parent/guardian for the current school year (dated on or after April 15 of the previous school year) certifying that he/she is physically able to compete in athletic practices and contests prior to the first date of practice or tryouts. 

    Maximum Enrollment

    A student shall not compete in athletics that has been enrolled in grades 9-12, inclusive, for the equivalency of more than eight (8) semesters or twelve (12) trimesters.  The seventh and eighth semesters or the tenth, eleventh and twelfth trimesters must be consecutive. 

    Maximum Competition

    A student, once enrolled in grade nine shall be allowed to compete in only four (4) first semester and four (4) second semesters, or four (4) first trimesters, four (4) second trimesters and four (4) third trimesters. A student shall be limited to participation in only one MHSAA sport’s season when that sport is sponsored twice during the school year. 

    Undergraduate Standing

    A student who is a graduate of a regular four-year high school shall not be eligible for interscholastic athletics. 

    Minimum Grade Point Average

    A student-athlete must achieve a quarter GPA of 2.0. This includes all grades in all classes that quarter. Previous GPA, higher or lower, is irrelevant. If a student receives less than a 2.0 then the student is ineligible for practice and game participation immediately after the quarter grades are released. If the same student earns a 2.0 or above the following quarter, then they will immediately become eligible for practice and game participation once quarter grades are released. This was intentionally done to ensure there is a continuous commitment to, and acknowledgment of, improvement.

    • Student athletes must be ruled ineligible and dropped from competition following any card marking in which the grade-point average drops below the required Quarterly 2.0 GPA.
    • Summer school grades may not be applied toward eligibility.

    Previous Academic Record

    High School Students must have passed at least four (4) of six (6) classes during the previous semester in order to participate in the current semester.  (First-time, first semester 9th grade students are exempt).  *This requirement is in addition to the minimum grade point average requirement.

    Transfer Students

    A student in grades 9 through 12 who was eligible at his/her previous high school and transfers to a DPSCD school is generally not eligible to compete in an interscholastic contest unless the student qualifies under one or more of fifteen (15) MHSAA-published exceptions and all associated interpretations.  Students transferring from one high school to another will be withheld from practice or athletic contests until eligibility approval is obtained from the DPSCD Office of Athletics.

    Undue Influence

    The use of undue influence by any person directly or indirectly associated with a school to secure or encourage the attendance of a student at a DPSCD school for athletic purposes, shall cause the student-athlete to become ineligible for a minimum of one semester and a maximum of one year.  Further sanctions may be assessed to the offending coach or school and any suspected instances of undue influence must be reported to the Office of Athletics immediately.

    Awards and Amateurism

    Students cannot receive money or other valuable considerations for participating in MHSAA-sponsored sports or officiating in interscholastic athletic contests, except as allowed by the MHSAA Handbook.  Students may accept, for participation in MHSAA-sponsored sports, a symbolic or merchandise award that does not have a value over $40.00.  Banquets, luncheons, dinners, trips and admission to events, are permitted if accepted “in kind.”  Awards in the form of cash, merchandise, gift certificates, or any other negotiable documents are never allowed in any amount.

    Limited Team Membership

    A student who, after practicing with (including tryouts) or participating in an athletic contest or scrimmage as a member of a high school athletic team, participates in any athletic competition not sponsored by his or her school in the same sport during the same season, shall become ineligible for a minimum of the next three (3) days of competition and maximum of the remainder of that season in that school year.  However, during the seasons of bowling, cross country, golf, swimming & diving, tennis, track & field or wrestling, an athlete may participate in a maximum of two (2) non-school meets, contests, or competitions while not representing his or her school only after notification to the Athletic Coordinator and Office of Athletics.

    All-Star Competition

    Students shall not compete at any time, in any sport, under MHSAA jurisdiction in all-star contests or those purported to be national championships, regardless of the method of selection.  Participation in such a contest shall cause that student to become ineligible for a maximum period of one year of high school enrollment.  Exceptions are made for bona fide Olympic Development Programs (ODP) that meet MHSAA guidelines.  All exceptions must be approved through the Office of Athletics.