Students Rise with School-Based Wellness Services

  • As part of DPSCD's Whole Child Commitment priority, we know that behavioral health and wellness are critical to a student's success in and out of school, especially after a long period of isolation resulting from the pandemic. Because our students and families need connection and community more than ever, DPSCD has partnered with several community partners to provide expanded wellness support at our schools at no direct cost to students or families.

    In addition to DPSCD counselors, social workers, and nurses, each school now has access to therapists and clinicians who can provide confidential, one-on-one and group counseling support to both students and families. 

    Emotional health and wellbeing are critical to a student’s success.

    We know that students need emotional wellbeing support, especially in the middle of a pandemic, so that they are equipped to succeed in school and their community. Nationwide, more than 80% of students have said that they struggle with being distracted at work because of challenges resulting from the pandemic. For DPSCD students, we know that in 2020-2021, approximately 50% of elementary students expressed feeling sad, mad, scared or worried in our wellness survey, and over 30% of middle and high school students exhibited signs of depression or anxiety –both increases from the previous year. We must come alongside our students and families to support their health and wellbeing.

    We’d like to support our students in partnership with parents and families.

    Through our community partners, there is now a clinician at every school ready to provide no-cost services to all students. However, parental consent is required for some services, so please support these services by signing the consent form and encouraging other parents/guardians to do the same if their child has been referred for services. We want to make sure that every child who needs services receives them.

    Students and families can access services through the school counselor or social worker.

    Please see your school's counselor or social worker if you or your child would like to utilize these services. We also invite you to engage with your school staff to understand more about these services. They may also reach out to you for parental consent for these services. We want to make sure that you have the information you need to provide consent for your student to access these important services and to be supported in their health and wellbeing!