Behavioral Health & Wellness Support

Behavioral Health Hotline

  • The District is pleased to offer a Behavioral Health Hotline as a service for students and families. The Hotline is staffed by School Social Workers, trained in addressing trauma, grief, and resource determination who are available to provide tele-counseling to students and parents. In addition to the tele-counseling available through the Hotline, students and families will be able to receive referrals for additional services available at their home school site. For additional questions, please contact Dr. Angelita Jacobs, Executive Director, Whole Child Support via email or phone 313-873-7494.  

    Hotline # 1-833-466-3978

    Hours of Operation:  Monday-Thursday (5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.)

    Additional Questions regarding behavioral health and wellness supports available in the District?

    For additional questions during closure, please contact Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network 24 Hour Helpline: 800-241-4949; TTY: 800-603-1044( Website Link )


Universal Wellness Screener

  • Beginning in fall 2019, the District developed the Universal Wellness Screener in collaboration with TRAILS (Transforming Research into Action to Improve the Lives of Students).  The Screener is administered during the first month of school, and the results provide guidance around services for students as outlined below:

    Tier I – Continued participation and engagement with whole school initiatives that promote mental health. This may include Expect Respect, Sanford-Harmony and Overcoming Obstacles character development, and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) activities.

    Tier II – Small group interventions designed to address student concerns. As the curriculum recommended by TRAILS follows the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) model, participating students will require parental permission.

    Tier III – Referral for more intensive behavioral health services and support. One-on-One check-in by a school counselor, school social worker, or other behavioral health provider. 

    For more information about Trails, please click here. 

Behavioral Health Resources

  • behavioral Health Resources

    Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network

    313- 833-2500; Helpline: 800-241-4949; TTY: 800-603-1044

    Website Link

    Southwest Counseling Solutions


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    The Guidance Center (Adult and Children)


    Website Link

Community Resources

  • Community Resources

    Wayne County Health Department - Department of Public Health


    Website Link

    City of Detroit - Detroit Health Department


    Website Link


    DWSDs Water Restart Plan: Wayne Metro

    Detroit resident living without water in your home or have received a notice of service interruption call.


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    Gleaners to provide alternative sites where families can get groceries.


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    DTE Assistance


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Behavioral Health Help for Your Student