The Student’s Rights, Responsibilities and Code of Conduct (The Code)

  • Detroit Public Schools is committed to supporting every student feeling loved, challenged and prepared for college and career by fostering a safe, supportive learning environment that emphasizes restorative practices, tiered support systems, standardized corrective intervention strategies, and responsive wrap-around services. We believe that through proactive equitable support, our students can meet high expectations, both academically and socially.  

    Families, students, schools, staff, and the District must partner together to create a positive school culture as outlined in The Student’s Rights, Responsibilities and Code of Conduct (The Code).  Therefore, we encourage everyone to review the entire document, and to have additional conversations about the importance of contributing to a safe and positive learning environment by abiding by the expectations outlined.  It is also important that all participants in our District community understand the defined consequences that must be implemented when violations of the Code of Conduct occur.   



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