EACR Overview

  • The Office of Equity, Advocacy & Civil Rights believes diversity is an asset that makes us stronger. Our office works to increase understanding and application of civil rights laws and equitable practices to elevate all voices as we build a stronger DPSCD. We also advocate for the needs of our community to ensure that all members have access to the tools and resources needed to be successful.

    Equity is not merely about giving every student what they need to succeed in an individual sense, as this approach is absent of our responsibility to address institutional bias and systemic racism.  Equity, in fact, is a process through which we ensure that policies, practices, institutional cultures, and ideologies are actively driving toward comparable outcomes and purposefully attending to the interests of the students and families to whose interests we have historically and systematically marginalized, oppressed, and/or excluded. (Adapted from Paul Gorski)

    Notice of Non Discrimination

    DPSCD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, religion, height, weight, citizenship, marital or family status, military status, ancestry, genetic information, or any other legally protected category, in its educational programs and activities, including employment and admissions opportunities.

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