• Each year, DPSCD applies for and receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funding to support activities in our schools and enhance the educational experience of every student. Grant opportunities come from a wide variety of sources and provide critical assistance as we work toward our districtwide goals. No matter where they are in the grant process, DPSCD and DPS Foundation employees should utilize the Grant Reporting Form below to keep district leaders informed about their grant-related activities.

    You can use this form to:

    • Request help locating an appropriate grant for your funding needs.
    • Request support completing a grant application.
    • Report a grant application that you have submitted.
    • Report a grant award that has been made to you.

    Grants that exceed $10,000 are always adminstered at the district level. Grants to particular schools or teachers that do not exceed $10,000 may be administered at the school level, but the Grant Routing Form must still be submitted to register them.