• The DPSCD Office of Athletics is the administration for K-12 athletic competition within the Detroit Public School League (DPSL). The Office of Athletics oversees budgeting, scheduling, athletic coordinators, coaches, officials, and professional development for twenty (20) high schools and newly expanded K-8 sports programs for seventy-two (72) elementary/middle schools.  A major role of the Office of Athletics is to ensure that all DPSL schools, coaches, and teams adhere to the policies and procedures of the district and the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA).

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    K-8 Athletics

2021 PSL Football Stream of the Week

COVID Testing Protocols for Athletes

    • As a reminder, all student athletes must test weekly at their school or the LynxDx site at Renaissance HS to participate in athletic events.

    Visit our Athletics COVID-19 Protocols web page for more information