• Our Initiative

    The Michigan Seal of Biliteracy (MI-SoBL) was created to recognize high school graduates who exhibit language proficiency in English and at least one additional world language. The Seal may be awarded to any student receiving a high school diploma, a high school certificate of completion, or a high school equivalency certificate, who has demonstrated Intermediate High Proficiency on acceptable world language assessments.

    Seal of Biliteracy

    The Seal was created to encourage students to study world languages and embrace their native and heritage languages. The Seal will provide employers with a way to identify individuals with strong language and biliteracy skills. The Seal may serve as an additional tool for colleges and universities to recognize applicants' language abilities for admission and placement. For this year, 2023–2024, DPSCD is only testing seniors.

    There are three ways for students to receive the seal:

    • A learner from outside the U.S. who has had formal schooling and transcripts to show they completed the 6th grade year of instruction and meets high school graduation requirements
    • Heritage speaker or multilingual learner who meets high school graduation requirements
    • Classroom second language learner in IB/AP programming that shows strong language skills

    To apply or ask questions, please contact Sean Gordon or Erica Lopez-Negrete.