• The Department of Literacy is excited to announce the 2024 Local Authors Panel launch as part of our March is Reading Month celebration! 


    The Department of Literacy hosts the Local Authors' Panel each spring as an opportunity for local authors to share their craft in DPSCD's classroom libraries. Each year, the department:

    • Collects applications from local authors who wish to have their work featured in DPSCD classroom libraries
    • Assembles a panel of teachers to review the submitted titles for craft, relevance and quality 
    • Provides principals with a list of approved titles and purchasing instructions should they wish to supplement classroom libraries using their school-based budgets

    How to Get Involved

    Are you an author? Do you have a friend or family member who'd love an opportunity to have their work featured in classroom libraries?  

    One way to get involved is to share this opportunity with local authors in your network, or to apply yourself if you have a published book available for purchase. Interested authors should apply by March 13, 2024, using this form.  Additionally, three hard copies of each title must be physically submitted to the Office of Literacy, 9th Floor, Fisher Building, 3011 E. Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI 48202, by that date. Each author can submit up to three different titles. All books will be submitted on the same form. 

    Are you a teacher passionate about classroom libraries? Do you want to help recommend texts to schools interested in purchasing supplemental library books? 

    District teachers can get involved by reviewing books for possible inclusion in a catalog of texts that principals can purchase from their budget this school year by joining a selection group. If you would like to review and recommend texts, apply using this form by March 11.

    Teachers selected to participate will attend a 90-minute, virtual, after-school session on March 13 to review submitted texts. Teachers will also have a period to solicit further input from students following the convening. The total time commitment will be less than five hours.

    To avoid a conflict of interest, only teachers who are not submitting texts for review are eligible to participate in a selection group. 

    2023 Selected Local Author Texts

    Last year, these books were reviewed and selected by educators and students in the District. We look forward to making this year's selections soon!
    Title Author
    A Day in the D with Dad Kelli Felder
    A Girl Called Round Shervonne Taylor
    A Recipe For Success! Charles Ellis
    Annie's Fashion Passion & Purpose An'Drese Hopkins
    Balancing Your Own Center of Gravity: A Manual
    for Hyperproductive Stem Professionals
    Jasmine L. Sadler
    Day to Day Impact An'Drese Hopkins
    Don't Count Me Out! Welton Smith
    Finding My Way: A Practical Guide to College
    Jahquan Hawkins
    Home Sweet Sanctuary: Idlewild Families
    Gloria House
    I am Royalty Michelle Anderson
    I Like Who I Am, I Love Being Me! Patrice Lee
    Is It My Fault? Divorce from a Child's Perspective Michelle Anderson
    It's About The Boys! Patrice Lee
    Kathy Learns To Cope Kathy Rudolph
    Little Brown Me Qiana Knight
    Love Radio Ebony LaDelle
    Mashed Potatoes in the Sky Francie Stevenson
    Ms. Periwinkle, The Purple in My Rainbow Voncile Campbell
    My Dog Dan Tyrus Kendrix
    My Future is So Bright Dream Big Crisette Ellis
    Real Outreach: A Practical Guide to Retaining 
    and Graduating College Students
    Ezella Mc Pherson
    Sandpaper Ravenn Moore
    Ten Singing Cockatiels Yvette Daniels
    The Adventures of Bonnie Saves-A-Lot: Bonnie
    Discovers Money
    Robert Culpepper III
    The Adventures of Buddy & Sissy: My First Day of
    Jimmie King
    The Adventures of Buddy & Sissy: My Summer
    Jimmie King
    The Adventures of Roscoe The Rottweiler, Roscoe
    Gets A New Home
    Susan Wade
    The Case of the Missing Cupcake! Tyrus Kendrix
    The Catch Me If You Can: One Woman's
    Journey to Every Country in the World
    Jessica Nabongo
    The Giggle Game Dr. Darya Owens
    The Music on the Bus Yvette Daniels
    The Nyla Chronicles: Nyla's First Day of
    Tenita Johnson
    The Queen of Jacks Alethea Smith
    The Rebel Factory: Ascension Dr. Germaine Pentsil
    The Unexpected Leader: Discovering The Leader
    Within You
    Jacqueline Baker
    There's Nothing Wrong With Me Dr. Tania M. Kemp-Covington
    We Are STEM Stars: Volume 2 - A Need to
    Survive Treasure Hunt
    Demetria Hoskins
    Where's My Piggy Bank LaToiya Tolliver-Revell
































author standing by book table outside
  • Interested in Being a Featured DPSCD Local Author?

    The Local Author’s Panel is currently accepting applications! To be considered for this opportunity, interested authors can apply by March 13, 2024, using this form.

    Panel Key Dates

    • March 11: Deadline for teachers to apply to review books on the selection committee 
    • March 13: Deadline for local authors complete the online application and provide physical samples of texts to the Office of Literacy, 9th Floor, Fisher Building, 3011 E. Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI 48202
    • March 13: Teacher selection committee convenes to review submitted books 
    • March 14–20: Teacher selection committee solicits student input
    • March 20: All final feedback submitted by teacher selection committee
    • March 22: Authors notified of committee selections
    • March 29: Catalog of books are made available for school-level purchases (on the Hub)

    Local Author Catalog

    Building administrators can use the Local Authors Catalog found on the Curriculum & Instruction Hub to follow the same purchasing process for any other school goods or services. Visit it to learn more about book descriptions, genres, target grades, cost, etc.


    Please contact Cassie Williams in the Office of Literacy.