• In loving memory, we honor the cherished individuals who were once part of our vibrant DPSCD community. Each person listed here contributed their unique talents and touched the lives of many. Though they may no longer walk among us, their spirit remains woven into the fabric of our institution. DPSCD Board members pay tribute to each student, staff, and community trailblazers listed below. Their dedication, kindness, and passion continue to inspire us every day. As we reflect on their lasting impact, we hold them dear in our hearts and celebrate the profound legacy they have left behind. DPSCD Board members honor all of you. 

    March 2021

    Olivia Everhart-Howard

    Ashante Jenkins


    April 2021

    Alex Evans

    Sharon Wells

    Kim Merriman

    Brendaettie (Brenda) Henry

    Gloria Sosa

    Foster Wilson


    June 2021

    DeShawn Neely

    MaKayla Berry


    July 2021

    Leslie Reid

    Anthony Tolbert


    August 2021

    Amir Raafatt


    September 2021

    Billy Nix, Jr.


    October 2021

    Ethel Riley

    Anthony Jenkins


    November 2021

    Candice Tarter

    Tranecia Davis


    December 2021

    Calvin Ayler

    Kathleen Matthews

    Joland Gordon


    January 2022

    Steven Siebert

    Carmen Cook

    Sherita Johnson-Odoms

    Anita McDonel


    February 2022

    France Bowers


    March 2022

    Freddie Wilson

    Zyair Harris

    Kelvin Shepherd


    May 2022

    Marion Gates


    June 2022

    Zyniya Bland

    Sklar Amezquita


    July 2022

    Velina Howard


    September 2022

    Benjamin Dirden

    Angela Ramirez


    November 2022

    Tyrone Winfrey

    Alfreda  Reed

    John Hicks

    Sharon Hill

    Marcus Owens


    December 2022

    Thomas Revels


    February 2023

    Cartier Woods

    Brenda Taylor


    March 2023

    Sara Jimenez Milete

    Roderick McIntosh

    Thomas Van Hulle


    April 2023

    Bianca Dave

    Darwin  Vinson

    Jimari Williams


    June 2023 

    Jonathan Beanum 

    Darnel Paton


    July 2023 

    Erek Ghee


    August 2023

    Leon Crenshaw Jr.

    Byron Brooks


    September 2023

    Bernette Burnside


    October 2023

    Tracey Caldwell


    December 2023

    Sturlin Minion-Brown

    Classie Washington

    Pierre Allen


    January 2024

    Artrece Cooper

    Latrell Mines 

    Pamela Rhea


    Febraury 2024 

    Alonzo "Lonnie" Bates

    Aletha Webster

    Mikyle Covington

    Xavier Carr

    Gail Coleman


    March 2024

    Jewel Lenard 


    April 2024

    Alita Calloway

    Mary Myers

    Orlando Deshields

    Herman Davis

    Dr. Eddie L. Green

    Marcia Cotton-Flint

    Devante Ball 


    May 2024

    Cheryl Lang