Special Projects

  • Plans and facilitates innovation and cost savings measures to ensure students are educated in environmentally safe and secure campuses.

    Special Projects includes work delivered through the following projects:

    • Energy and Sustainability - strives to utilize best practices for energy conservation while providing comfortable learning
    • Environmental Health and Safety - ensures safe and healthy learning environments and drinking water for our students
    • Real Estate - coordinates management of District real estate portfolio
    • Warehousing, Mail, Logistics and Auctions - supports the instructional and operational needs of the District through the warehousing and transportation of supplies and equipment, the moving of schools and departments, and the providing of courier services between District schools and locations.



Contact Information

  • Felicia Venable
    Executive Director, Special Projects
    Support Services Complex, Building C
    1601 Farnsworth
    Detroit, MI 48211
    Mobile (313) 218-2876