Warehouse Services

  • The Warehouse supports the instructional and operational needs of the District by the warehousing and transportation of supplies and equipment, moving of schools and departments, and providing courier services between District schools and locations.


    Logistic Services 

    • Pick - Up and Delivery
    • Furniture, Books, and Bulk Supplies

    Courier Services 

    • Mail Services
    • Bulk Mail
    • Metered Mail
    • Inter-Office Mail

    Vendor Delivery to Warehouse

    • District Supplies 
    • Non-Direct Ship to School Items 

    Visit the Warehouse Service Guidelines page for detailed information on what is required for each service. 


    Operational and Instructional supplies, when purchased in bulk by schools and departments, are shipped to the school district’s Support Services Complex Building A for cost savings and the best possible prices. When delivered to this location, warehouse personnel will verify the order and notify the requesting department or office of receipt of the shipment. Once given authorization, the warehouse will ship to locations within the district. Some orders may be delivered on regular courier days, while others may come on other days.

    Surplus Equipment

    The Warehouse picks up surplus equipment from the schools and departments. To have surplus equipment picked up; a request form must be completed via the Division of Operations' SharePoint HUB page.

    The Warehouse maintains good surplus equipment that is sent from schools or departments. Any DPSCD personnel with picture identification can visit the Warehouse and look at/secure this surplus equipment for their school or department. It will be delivered by the Warehouse staff.


    Any surplus equipment that is determined to no longer be useful for the school district is sold at auction. These auctions are advertised by the procurement department and are conducted periodically.

    All auctions will be conducted online with preview dates established at the warehouse and/or school with surplus items.

    Courier Service

    Courier Service goes to all school administrative locations daily. During the school year, Courier Service goes to schools/departments every Tuesday and Thursday. Meanwhile, Central Administrative Offices are serviced Monday through Friday. In the summertime, the schedule for Courier Service may change depending on demand.

    Questions about Inter-Office mail delivery or processing of mail can be addressed by the Warehouse staff via email at sscwarehouse@detroitk12.org.

    Schools and departments must reimburse the mailroom for pieces 250 and over through Budget Transfer or request for a pre-paid check.

    Moving Service

    The Warehouse staff assists with moving administrative offices and schools. The Warehouse has folding tables and chairs that can be moved and used at science fairs, fall festivals, dedications, or other functions. This equipment must be reserved.

    Other Functions

    • Delivery and pick-up of tests for schools
    • Picking up donated items
    • District new and used textbooks
    • District administrative mail

    The Warehouse Services Request Form is used to notify the Warehouse for the pick-up of items such as obsolete or surplus books, equipment, and furniture.

    Note: Requests for the pick-up and removal of IT, records, and IT-related inventory is to be sent directly to the Office of Information Technology. The Warehouse is not responsible for pick-up of these items unless requested by the Office of Information Technology.


Contact Information

  • Marvin Hartfield
    Warehouse Manager
    Support Services Complex, Building A
    1425 E. Warren Avenue
    Detroit, MI 48207

    For Questions Contact

    313 - 506 - 6146

    Operating Hours

    7:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.

    Monday through Friday