Enrichment Opportunites


    Middle School and High School students are encouraged to participate each school year in Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association Solo and Ensemble Festival and the Band and Orchestra Festival.

    Vocal students are encouraged to participate in the Michigan School Vocal Music Association Solo and Ensemble Choral Music Festival, Middle Schools Honors Band, Orchestra and Vocal program. Participation provides additional instruction and exposure to a variety of genres for the students. Students are tested and critiqued according to State of Michigan Standards for the arts.

    Visual arts students are encouraged to participate in the DIA/DPS Art Exhibit, WCCC/DPS Student Art Exhibit, and the National Scholastic Art and Reading Competition.

    We are affiliated with Michigan School Band and Orchestra (MSBOA), Michigan School Vocal Music Association  (MSVMA) the American String Teachers Association (ASTA) and Crayola.

    Why should my child be involved in the Arts?

    • The Arts are a science
    • The Arts are mathematical
    • Music is a foreign language
    • The Arts are history
    • Music, Theater and Dance are physical education
    • The Arts develop insight and demand research
    • 2nd Grade Piano Students scored 27% higher on proportional math and fractions tests
    • Middle and High School students with high levels of involvement in instrumental music show significantly higher levels of mathematics proficiency by grade 12.
    • Students with coursework/experience in music performance and music appreciation scored higher on the SAT; on the verbal and the math, than did students with no arts participation
    • Music students receive more academic honors and awards than non-music students
    • DPSCD music students receive millions of dollars in scholarships each year.
    • 66% of music majors who applied to medical school were admitted, the highest percentage of any group.
    • A study of 811 minority high school students, 36% of these students identified music teachers as their role models, as opposed to 28% English teachers, 11% elementary teachers, 7% PE/sports teachers, and 1% principals.
    • Students in selected Arts programs in NYC showed significant increases in self-esteem and thinking skills.
    • Arts programs serve as an inroad for students to receive scholarships and internships are available through professional and philanthropic organizations
    • The Arts are fun!