• Credit Recovery

    Credit recovery offers the opportunity for students in grades 9-12 to complete courses and earn credits toward graduation or promotion requirements. Students who have already taken a course and earned a failing grade are eligible to take the credit recovery offering of that course.

    The District uses Edgenuity, an online platform that allows students to progress at their own pace. Students in credit recovery will receive direct instruction from the digital curriculum as well as support from a teacher. Edgenuity’s digital curriculum provides student-centered direct instruction with built-in assessments. Multimedia tutorials help students explore new concepts and allow them to move at their own pace. A typical lesson consists of activities including warm-ups, direct instruction, practices, readings, journals, labs, discussions, projects, explorations, reviews, and assessments.


    District high schools offer the credit recovery program before, during, and after the school day. Please contact your student’s counselor to find out what options are available at their school.

    Credit recovery courses are also available as part of the District’s summer school program. More information on credit recovery over the summer will be available later in the year.


    The credit recovery program begins with summer school and closes on with the end of the academic year for seniors. Students who complete 25% or more of a course in summer school can transfer their progress to the school year. Students who do not complete a course in the school year may not transfer their progress to summer school. For the 2021-2022 school year, the window is July 12, 2021 – June 19, 2022.  ALL access to Edgenuity for students will close at 11:59pm on June 19, 2022.


    Students can access Edgenuity through the online platform Clever. The Edgenuity tile will appear only for students who are enrolled in credit recovery courses. To access Clever please follow the Clever Login Guide.

  • Department of Credit Recovery, Division of Instructional Equity

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    Dr. Christopher Rodgers
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