• Summer Reading! 

    We are very proud of the literacy accomplishments our students have made this school year! The teachers, students and families have worked very hard to ensure our students Rise Up and Read More! In order to ensure the positive energy and enthusiasm continues, we highly encourage families to try the strategies below to keep their children reading all summer!  

    • Read everyday
    • Ask your child questions about their book
    • Encourage your child to write about the books they are reading
    • Set summer reading goals. Specify how many books you want to read by summer’s end and stick to it.
    • Listen to read-alouds or audio books
    • Practice high-frequency word lists or research difficult vocabulary words
    • Make frequent trips to the library
    • Utilize blending online learning platforms: myON, i-ready, and Achieve
  • Build Knowledge Through Summer Reading

    DPSCD has adopted high quality ELA curriculum for grades K-12. EL Education for grades K-8 and My Perspectives for high school. Grades K-8 have four modules listed by topic and grades 9-12 have six units of study. We encourage parents to leverage the list below and create a summer reading routine utilizing the topics and book titles in the grade level students will be going to in the Fall.  The more exposure a child gets on an upcoming topic the better they will be able to read and comprehend the texts in their reading class. Please use our Recommended Summer Reading List for books that are aligned to these topics or choose your own!

Graphic describing reading research

Recommended Summer Reading Lists and Module/Unit Topics