Program Highlights


    HSE Preparation

    • HSE (High School Equivalence) offers adults an opportunity to complete their high school education. The HSE can open doors to many other opportunities such as employment, technical school, and college.
    • The official HSE exams consist of four core areas. Coursework to prepare for the exams includes Math, English, Science and Social Studies.


    Official HSE Practice Test

    • The official HSE Practice Test is offered to determine readiness to take an Official HSE Test. Adults who pass the Official Practice HSE Test are eligible for a free waiver to waive the cost of the HSE test, which must be taken at the DPSCD HSE Testing Center.


    English Language Learners (ELL)

    • ESL is designed for adults who do not speak English as their native language. Interactive, small-group, large-group and computer-based instructional activities are offered to emphasize skills in reading, writing, and conversational English.
    • Students also will learn about American culture and traditions. Citizenship preparation is provided as needed.


    High School Completion (HSC)

    • Students earn Carnegie units in a traditional high school setting that is accelerated and allows for faster credit recovery and attainment.
    • High School Completion courses are offered at the Westside and Eastside Adult Education campuses.



    • Each learner develops an individual plan to complete the appropriate credentials that include employability skill development in communication, resume development, college application development, and other activities that make the college/career transition smoother.