• DPSCD Employee Spotlight - January 7, 2022 - Marquis Herring

    Posted by Human Resources Talent & Recruiting on 1/7/2022


    Marquis Herring, Sampson-Webber Academy, Dean of Culture

    Sampson-Webber Academy’s Dean of Culture Marquis Herring’s passion is seeing young students, who have struggled with academics, behavior, and confidence, transform into confident, self-ware, and self-determined successful students. young men. Marquis works tirelessly and goes above and beyond for his students, and has a keen interest in helping young black males. He engages with his student's afterhours providing guidance, recommending life/character building activities, and also taking them to sporting events as an example how teamwork can help overcome obstacles. Over the summer, Marquis spends time conditioning the basketball team and providing additional advice as they prepare and participate during their summer league. As a former student himself of Sampson-Webber, Marquis takes pride in giving back to the very place that gave him so much. Through his experiences and direction from his mentors, he’s passing on how to build a strong work ethic and sometimes mixes in a little tough love. Marquis shared His Why by simply saying, "because someone did it for me."

    Thank you for your service and demonstrating one of DPSCD's most important core values - Students First!

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