Physical Health

  • Healthy kids learn better. The District’s Office of School Health and Wellness aims to create a safe and healthy learning environment by removing health-related barriers so that students can learn, grow, and thrive.

    Health-related Services and Initiatives

    • Nures: All DPSCD schools have nurse that provides health services. Students in Center-based schools may have 1:1 nurses to provide specialized care.
    • Dental and Vision Services: Onsite dental services provided for students; vision screening and glasses for students in need.
    • Behavioral Health Services: In addition to social workers and counselors, the District has a partnership with multiple behavioral health agencies that provide behavioral health services directly inside all of our schools
    • School-Based Health Centers: Also located directly inside several schools and as free standing entitites. Our school-based health center partners provide students with a full spectrum of health-related services, from physicals to managing chronic disease, behavioral health issues, and more.
    • Immunizations: We provide childhood immunizations, COVID and Flu vaccines through our traveling Nurse Vaccine Teams.


Health Forms

  • Free at-home Cvid-19 tests

    Vaccinated? Vaccination, along with testing, is the best way of preventing COVID-19 spread.COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective at preventing infections and hospitalizations. However, even fully vaccinated people have a chance of becoming infected and spreading the virus, so testing remains important for everyone. Anyone age 5 and older is now eligible for vaccination.

     Free Covid Testing


  • At Home Covid Test

    What if you test negative? A negative at-home test result means that the test did not find the virus, and you may have a lower risk of spreading COVID-19 to others. Check your test kit's instructions for specific next steps. If you test negative , you should test again within a few days, at least 24 hours between tests.

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  • Office of School Health and Wellness
    9th floor, Fisher Building | 3011 W. Grand Blvd | Detroit, MI 48202

    Jacqueline Robinson
    Deputy Executive Director
    Phone: (313) 506-5084  

Mental Health Tips for Students from TRAILS


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    Support Your Student's Mental Health
    During COVID-19

    The DPSCD partner, TRAILS, which has assisted the District in mental and behavioral health supports, has put together a resource document for DPSCD families. This resource provides guidance and recommendations to families for

    1. Talking with children and teens about Coronavirus/COVID-19
    2. Supporting school-age youth with effective coping strategies
    3. Recognizing healthy and unhealthy coping skills (such as self-harm or substance abuse)

    Please follow the link here for access to the resource.