Barack Obama Leadership Academy

  • The mission of Barack Obama Leadership Academy, in cooperation with its community village, is to foster high academic achievement among the school’s children and to instill in them a sense of pride by reinforcing group identity and self-esteem through knowledge of African and African-American history and accomplishments.

    Grades: K–8
    Curriculum focus: African-Centered
    Address: 10800 E. Canfield, Detroit, MI  48214
    Located near: I-94 and French Road
    Phone: (313) 823-6000
    Fax: (313) 823-9748
    Principal: Cha-Rhonda Edgerson
    Email Address:
    Management Company:  Magnum Educational Management Co.
    Year first authorized: 1997


    Board Members for 2019-20

    Name Office
    Oluwa Davis President
    Kelly Gardner Vice President
    Kamau Kheperu Treasurer
    Tamiko Leonard Secretary
    Quintella Boyd Member
    Cheryl Munday Member




Contact Information

  • Office of Charter Schools

    Fisher Building, 9th Floor
    3011 W. Grand Blvd
    Detroit MI 48202
    Phone: (313) 873-7927
    Fax: (313) 873-6184

    Dr. Jendayi Gardner
    Executive Director of Charter Schools

    Jacqueline Sims
    Charter Schools Compliance Specialist