2019-20 Hard to Staff Schools Recruitment and Retention Bonus Program

  • The District recognizes the importance of the recruitment and retention of teachers in Hard to Staff (“HTS”) schools, as well as the notion that teacher recruitment and retention at HTS Schools is significantly improved when teachers are provided financial incentives and increased opportunities to provide high quality instruction at HTS Schools.  Accordingly, as part of the 2019-2020 Wage Re-Opener, the District will provide a one-time $3,000.00 recruitment/retention bonus to all new and current teachers and master teachers in job classifications 0250 and 0251 who are currently employed or willing to work at the HTS schools listed below:

    1. Brenda Scott Elementary-Middle School
    2. Central High School
    3. Cody High School
    4. Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School
    5. Dixon Elementary School
    6. Emerson Elementary School
    7. Fisher Magnet Upper Academy
    8. Frederick Douglass Academy
    9. Garvey Academy
    10. Henderson Academy
    11. R. King Elementary School
    12. Marion Law Elementary School
    13. Marquette Elementary School
    14. Noble Elementary-Middle School
    15. Osborn High School
    16. Pershing High School
    17. Pulaski Elementary School
    18. Ronald Brown Academy
    19. Sampson Elementary School
    20. Thirkell Elementary School

    Teachers must be continuously employed at a HTS School from September 13, 2019 through June 19, 2020 (the entire academic school year) to qualify for the one-time bonus. The bonus will be paid to qualifying teachers in two equal installments of $1,500.00 in October 2019 and in June 2020 in off-cycle checks.   

    Inquiries regarding the 2019-20 Hard to Staff Schools Recruitment and Retention Bonus Program should be directed to Ms. Devonna Harvey in the Division of Human Resources at devonna.harvey@detroitk12.org.