Crisis Intervention

  • DPSCD Clinical Prevention and Intervention personnel are ready at a moment’s notice to help a school and the community when there is a crisis. Clinical Prevention and Intervention personnel have specific knowledge, training, and skills to assist teachers and administrators in handling the many personal and episodic crisis events occurring in the lives of students.

    Often these crisis situations, e.g. death of a colleague/classmate, shootings in the community or school, have a devastating affect on not only the academic, emotional, and social aspects of the student’s growth, but also has an impact on school staff. Both students and staff experience some degree of anxiety and/or inability to return to the normal learning environment.

    Studies have indicated that the kind of help people receive during a crisis event has a significant bearing on how they are able to handle the situation. Intervening in a sensitive and systematic way can significantly reduce the fear, panic and anxiety associated with being in a crisis state. DPS Clinical Prevention and Intervention personnel work with staff, students, and families, providing specific strategies, support, and resources necessary to effectively cope with the situation.

    A manual has been developed to assist staff in responding appropriately to a wide range of crises. This manual addresses death and grief issues, suicidal crisis, family violence, gang violence, sexual assault, and global/episodic crisis.

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