Early Intervention Services

  • What We Do

    The Early Intervention Diagnostic Center (EIDC) Team services infants and toddlers from birth to three years old and their families in their homes or at the center.  We are responsible for:

    • Following up on child-find referrals
    • Completing diagnostic evaluations and assessments
    • Determining eligibility for services
    • Collaborating with families to develop Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSPs) for infants and toddlers who are eligible for Early On or Michigan Mandatory Special Education (MMSE)

    EIDC services include special instruction, service coordination and/or ancillary support, as needed.  A minimum of 2 hours of weekly services are provided in homes, center-based facilities, or community settings. The center classrooms operate eight sessions weekly (morning and afternoon) and provide learning experiences through play.  Learning classroom routines and interacting with other children and staff prepares our students and families to transition into typical early childhood programs. Parent support sessions are provided monthly to address developmental concerns and disseminate information regarding community activities. Transportation services to and from the center program are provided for families.

    Instructions on completing a referral:
    1. Click the referral button in the top right-hand corner.
    2. Select your county (Wayne County).
    3. Complete the referral form with the child’s information.

    The following program is supported by the Early Intervention Diagnostic Center (EIDC): Early On of Michigan

    We Believe...

    • The parent is the child’s first teacher.
    • The family is the enduring and central force in the life of a child.
    • Each family is unique and individual differences must be respected.
    • Families and professionals working together promote the well-being of children.
    • All children can learn.

    We Provide...

    • Child Find referral intake and Outreach services 
    • Individualized Family Service Plans  
    • Michigan Mandatory Special Education diagnostic evaluations to determine eligibility for special education and Early On  
    • Public awareness information and material about Early On 
    • Educational and support services 
    • Scheduled home services 
    • Center-based programming with “hands-on” experiences for children and parents that address specific growth and development issues.
    • Transportation services to/from center-based programs
    • Parent enrichment through a variety of monthly informational meetings affords parents the opportunity for social interaction and use of a lending library, which includes toys, books, and reference materials  
    • Community-Based experiences 

    Our Objectives...

    • To inform the public and round up infants and toddlers in need
    • To immediately follow up on referrals
    • To complete evaluations and hold Individualized Family Service Plan within allotted timelines 
    • To provide quality services to all students
    • To complete transitions from Part C to Part B in a timely manner


Make Referral Calls

  • Project Find for Wayne County
    (Beginning at age 3)

    1-800-EARLY ON or 313-494-0961 Option #9

    Early Intervention Diagnostic Center
    (Birth to age 3)

    4555 John C. Lodge

    Detroit, MI 48201

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