Parent Teacher Home Visit Project (PTHVP)

  • Closing the gap between parent and teachers immediately positions children to do better in school. DPSCD has committed to support our parents by creating an opportunity to receive a visit from one of their childs teachers. The Parent Teacher Home Project originated in Sacramento California and has been adopted by several school Districts across the Country and has proven to increase attendance; increase academic performance; and increase positive behavior in school.

    Last school year teachers led nearly 2,800 visits to parents and students in their homes. We are proud that our teachers continue to exhibit their tremendous commitment and investment in our children and families and we will proudly continue to expand this program for the success of our children.


    2018 pthvp schools:

    A.L. Holmes 
    Ann Arbor Trail 
    Bates Academy 
    Bethune Elementary                                            J.E. Clark Preparatory Academy 
    Bow                                                                   John R. King 
    Brenda Scott Academy                                        Mackenzie Elementary   
    Brewer Academy                                                Marcus Garvey-African Centered 
    Bunche                                                              Marion Law Academy
    Burns Elementary                                               Marquette Elementary 
    Carleton                                                             Martin Luther King H.S. 
    Carstens Academy                                              Mason Academy 
    Carver STEM Academy                                        Munger Elementary
    Charles Wright Academy                                     Nichols Elementary/Middle
    Coleman A. Young                                              Noble Elementary  
    Davison Elementary                                            Nolan Elementary/Middle
    Denby High School                                              Pasteur Elementary
    Diann Banks Williamson Education Center             Pershing H.S.
    Dossin Elementary/Middle                                    Priest
    Durfee                                                                Pulaski Elementary/Middle
    East English Village                                              Roberto Clemente 
    Eastside Detroit Lions Academy                             Schulze Academy for Tech & Arts 
    Emerson Elementary/Middle                                  Spain
    Fisher Magnet Lower Academy                              Thirkell
    Fisher Magnet Upper Academy                              Thomas A. Edison Elementary 
    FLICS                                                                 Wayne Elementary
    Gompers Elementary Middle                                 Western H.S.
    Greenfield Union
    Hutchinson Elementary/Middle  

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