IEP Program in Michigan

  • The IEP is a written document for students with disabilities between the ages of 3 and 26 years old, who receive special education programs and related services. The purpose of an IEP is to identify each student’s needs, develop reasonable learning goals, and document the services the school district will provide to help the student achieve these goals. The plan is crafted between you (the parent) and the educational team (at school). It's about figuring out what your child needs in order to successfully learn in the least restrictive environment for him/her in school. 

    A few things to remember: 

    • The IEP is a contract between the school and yourself.
    • You – as a parent – have rights – and a lot of them!
    • The IEP follows a set process. 
    • There is a lot of help out there if you need it.
    • The PLAAFP section of the IEP provides a snapshot of your child at a particular time and place. 
    • This section may include medical information related to your child's disability. 
    • The present levels section will include summary statements of your child's performance in assessed areas and will be updated each year.
    • The goals are based on the Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP) statement.

    Parent-Friendly Resources

    Family Matters is an outreach effort from the Michigan Department of Education Office of Special Education that provides parents with information about special education and other resources. Family Matters Fact Sheets explain special education laws, rules, and practices in parent-friendly language. The fact sheets are easy to read and give links to more in-depth resources.

Questions about IEPs

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