End of Year Promotions

  • At the end of each school year, school staff review the academic performance and readiness of each student when making promotion decisions for the upcoming school year.  These decisions are made to ensure that students are placed in the most appropriate educational setting and are based on academic progress through the current school year. 

    The following promotion criteria apply only to students in grades K-2 and 4-8.  3rd grade students are promoted based on meeting state requirements based on their performance on the state’s reading assessment.  More information can be found here.  In addition, promotion decisions for high school students are based on credit completion. 

    K-8 Promotion Criteria 

    A student will be promoted to the next grade level if they earn passing grades in their core content area courses, including English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  This can be demonstrated in one of two ways: 

    • A student passes both their English Language Arts and Math courses OR 
    • A student passes any three of their four core content area courses (English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies) 

    For the current, 2020-2021 school year, we are adding additional for students to demonstrate promotion readiness if they do not meet the above criteria.  These are listed below along with information on each of the options. 

    Promotion Opportunities 

    Step 1: Teacher / Family Engagement 

    (Late May/Early June) 

    School staff will meet with families of students identified as at-risk of retention.  During this time, staff will review current academic progress and share their recommendation for promotion eligibility.  Staff will also share additional promotion options. 

    Step 2: End-of-Year Testing (i-Ready) 

    Students at risk of retention will be given the option of taking the end-of-year i-Ready diagnostic assessment and may be promoted if their score is eligible to replace either one or more of their failing course grade in either Reading or Math.  Students will need to take the test from their school location in order for their test result to be considered. 

    Additional Information: Click here for more information about testing.  

    Step 3: Summer School  

    Students still at risk of retention may be promoted if they enroll and successfully complete summer school in their previously failed courses.   

    Additional Information: Click here for more information about summer school offerings and how to enroll. 

    Step 4: Administrator Determination 

    If a student is unable to meet or participate in any of the above promotion opportunities, they may still be promoted at the discretion of their home school principal.