Spring 2021 State Testing

  • This page provides information about state assessments for the 2020-2021 school year.  Unlike other years, students will be able to opt-in for testing this year.  This means that families will need to let their school know if they plan to have their student(s) participate in state testing this year. Results from assessments are used to make decisions about the supports that students need.   

    Students can use different platforms to help prepare for state tests: 

    • For the M-STEP, students can practice using the online testing platform. This practice helps you become familiar with the testing features and question formats. It will not help students with the actual content of the test. 
    • For the SAT and PSAT, students can use Khan Academy to get additional practice. 
    • For Social Studies and Science M-Step, there is no practice platform, but ask your student’s teacher if they have review materials. 

    The WIDA ACCESS and WIDA Alternate ACCESS assessments, which are given every year to better understand how well English learners are progressing, have finished for the year.  The District will continue to screen new students to determine if they qualify for support from our bilingual programs. 

    The Michigan Department of Education recently updated testing windows for spring testing.  The District also adjusted its testing windows based on the need to pause in-person instruction in early April.  Current testing windows are listed below.  

    SAT with Essay (11th Grade) 

    Measures college and career readiness, frequently used for college admissions 

    Initial Test Date 

    April 27 

    Accommodated Testing Window* 

    April 27 - 29 

    Makeup Test Date 

    May 18 

    Makeup Accommodated Testing Window* 

    May 18 - 20 



    ACT WorkKeys (11th Grade) 

    A work skills assessment 

    Initial Test Date 

    April 28 

    Accommodated Testing Window* 

    April 28 - May 4 

    Makeup Test Date 

    May 5 

    Makeup Accommodated Testing Window* 

    May 5 - 11 



    PSAT (8th, 9th, and 10th Grade) 

    Measures college and career readiness and a student’s preparation for the SAT test 

    Test Window* 

    April 27 - May 7 

    Accommodated Testing Window* 

    April 26 - May 7 



    MSTEP and MI-Access (3rd - 8th and 11th Grade) 

    Measures a student’s knowledge of state standards 

    M-STEP Grades 5, 8, and 11 Test Window* 

    April 26 - May 21 

    M-STEP Grades 3, 4, 6, and 7 Test Window* 

    April 26 - June 4 

    MI-Access Test Window* 

    April 26 - June 4