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My DPSCD Experience Has Sprung My Confidence Through the Roof

By James Neiman, Spring 2020 Communications Intern

What an experience. That is my first thought when I think about my time with the DPSCD communications team and that is what I would tell students who were considering joining the team as an intern. As I conclude my internship and reflect upon my three-month journey, I think to myself, “you did it, James,” of which I am very proud of accomplishing, as I was a non-traditional hire. I started at Wayne State University in 2012 and due to a variety of life circumstances did not graduate until the spring of 2020. Eager to immerse myself into a full-fledge communications oriented professional setting, I came across this internship opportunity within the WSU online resources and it checked all the boxes. News stories, contribute on social media and event planning it read and that’s what I was able do with an incredibly supportive team. A small communications team it is, but from day one till the end, nothing but support and encouragement was commonplace. Because of this opportunity granted to me, led by amazing Project Manager Rachel Talaska, I was able to build a portfolio, gain experience and perhaps just as important, gain more confidence in my craft. While I was assigned duties, the ball was placed in my court too, as if I had an idea of a topic I wanted to do, Rachel or anyone else on the team, wanted to hear it and see if it could be ran with. Because of their support, I was able to accomplish a wide array of interviews, learn about marketing and event planning intricacies and simply become exposed to how the paid professionals operate.


Now three-months later, even in-the-midst of a global pandemic, I am 10x over more well equipped to join the communications workplace. And, while working in the school sector never was really at the forefront of my career path, after having the experience with the staff, administrators and students I would be amiss to not re-consider my career goals. Bottomline, the DPSCD communications team has provided me the tools to enhance my future and for that I am forever grateful.