Public Safety


    The Detroit Public Schools Community District  Department of Public Safety is the only MCOLES certified, fully-functioning school-based Public Safety department in the State of Michigan. It is a distinct department, possessing total arrest powers that operates separately from the Detroit Police Department (DPD). Officers' presence and interaction with students, families, staff, and community members will ensure a safe learning environment that fosters the outstanding achievement of all students.

    The goal of the Public Safety Team is to build relationships within the school district and the community by mitigating conflict, reducing arrests of students, and interrupting the school-to-prison pipeline. This non-traditional transformative culture is a necessary component in providing a pristine learning environment that is free from violence and conducive to student achievement. The Public Safety Department is an innovative, proactive, and progressive agency that is supported by the DPSCD Board of Education, Superintendent, School Administrators, staff, and parents, who recognize the important role the police department plays in keeping their children and students safe.

    The Department of Public Safety is a unique agency, employing sworn police officers, campus police officers (with limited jurisdiction), non-sworn school-based security  officers, dispatch team members, and civilian support staff dedicated to serving the DPSCD and the community. Sworn Public Safety Officers are assigned to school sectors to monitor campuses and patrol the surrounding areas. Campus police officers are assigned to specific schools and serve as Community Relations team members, who coordinate community events and activities. Public safety officers are also assigned to schools to maintain the safety and security of students and staff.

    Our team is also committed to ensuring a safe school community as we partner with local municipal law enforcement agencies, residential and business communities, faith-based organizations, and various non-profit community service organizations. The Department of Public Safety shares jurisdiction and interacts with over 15 municipal and county law enforcement agencies, as well as state and federal law enforcement and emergency service agencies.


    Public Safety  Headquarters
    8500 Cameron St.
    Detroit, MI 48211
    (313) 748-6000









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